All the info you need to take the first steps into getting your career in the trades.

Congratulations you’ve done it! You’ve completed the TradeCareers toolkit.

Remember these resources are free and will be available permanently online for anyone that is interested in getting into the trades.

So what’s next?

Below is all the info you need to take the first steps into getting your career in the trades.

Why Trades:

  • Creative
  • Work with your hands
  • Be your own boss
  • No Student Debt
  • There’s no shortage of work

What do I need?

How do I get an apprenticeship?

There’s a lot of information out there but it can seem a bit overwhelming if you’ve only just started exploring a career in the trades. We’ve saved you some time and googling by gathering some links for some of the things we think you might want to know at this stage. All the info you need is in toolkit from week 2 FAQs for getting into the Trades.

I want a job how do I get one?

Do some research on local tradespeople. Do a google search for trade businesses in your area. Read their reviews, find out about their business and the best person to contact, get in touch, introduce yourself, and make it known that you’re keen.

Red Hot Tip

You don’t have to know everything before you start. The old saying ‘We can teach skills, we can’t teach attitude’ still plays. If you have the drive and the interest back yourself and get the advice you need to get your foot in the door.

Get connected with the community

You are not alone, even if you’re thinking you’re not quite ready to make the jump go and connect with others that are already doing it!

Peer Support

Follow tradies on Instagram like:

Red Hot Tip

If you can see it you can be it! We know the trades are a male dominated industry, let’s change that! Celebrate and amplify those women around you as you enter the industry. Reach out and ask for help, come back to the toolkit whenever you need. Be the change you want to see in the world!

Right! Ready to give this a red hot go?