All the info you need to take the next steps to hiring a woman into your team.

Dave: “Mates! You’ve done it! You’ve completed the TradeCareer Toolkit, I’m proud of ya”

Thanks for stepping up and being open to the idea of a future with more women in the trades. And thanks for giving it a red hot go! Dave reckons you’re the bee’s knees!

Remember to check back with the Trade Careers Toolkit, these resources are free and will be available going forward.

So what’s next?

Below is all the info you need to take the next steps to hiring a woman into your team

Why Hire a Woman:

  • Good eye for detail
  • Great attitude
  • She’ll be great with your customers
  • She’ll offer a different perspective
  • Lighter on the tools
  • Women can change the workplace environment by lifting the quality of work

What do I need to do?

Need more support?

Check out these organisations to help you out

  • case studies – An amazing magazine showcasing women who have chosen an extraordinary career path in the trades.
  • BCITO – Women in Trades Workplace Stories – A collection of videos about women in construction.
  • National Association of Women in Construction – Encourages women to pursue, establish and sustain successful careers in the construction industry.
  • Ultimit – An initiative from Connexis encouraging, inspiring and supporting women into trade and technical roles in the infrastructure industry.
  • Competenz – An Industry Training Organisation and helps people develop their skills on-the-job.
  • Women in Trades – A nonprofit organisation promoting the trades as a viable career option to women and employers.
  • SheFreeToBe – Helping create workplaces that work for women!

Red Hot Tip

There’s no better time! There’s funding available to cover the full cost of training until December 2022 via the government’s Targeted Training and Apprenticeship Fund.

We’ve got you...

Still got questions? All good we’ve got you, this is an ongoing conversation and as well as all the info provided in the toolkit reach remember you can reach out to these groups to help you get it right for women on site.

Peer Support
Are you keen to hire a woman but wanna hear from other employers who already have.

  • Meet Andrew Bellamy, General Manager of Wood Solutions and hear what he has to say about having women in the business
  • Meet Marc Rudolph, Business Owner Painter and Decorator. Listen to what moves he’s made to get it right for women on site
  • Meet Sarah Toase, As Executive Officer at Crane Association of NZ she helps them get more women into the driver’s seat. Sarah is also the Wellington Chair of NAWIC.

Talk to your mates in the industry, ask the women in your life, do the research that answers are out.

Have a job and want to hire a woman?
You can reach out to these groups and they can help you get connected to their communities.

Wanna get inspired? Follow women tradies on Instagram like:

Red Hot Tip

If they can see it they can be it! We know the trades are male dominated, but we also know from talking to employers that they have nothing but positive things to say about having a woman on site. The industry won’t change unless heroes like you take the first steps. Give it a red hot go!

Right! Ready to give this a red hot go?